Download Facebook Account

Facebook is one of the social media sites that are commonly used by people all over the world. It is one of the chosen sites because of the great offerings that it can provide to the users. Through it you can communicate with others and you can meet new friends. Using Facebook, you can share your pictures and videos, and you can make different post that you can share with other people. With Facebook you can also include some more of the information about you, such as your address, phone number, birth of date, and others.

Facebook is an open social media site that is why sometimes when facebook users want to know something about you they can easily browses your page and read some of the information that they want to know. It is true that sometimes Facebook do not actually give you the total protection and security, but with the help of ‘’Download your information’’ tool you can easily be protected and you can have a personal privacy. When you download your information you can have your own copy of all the information that was written and included in your Facebook account. Aside from this you can also have a copy of your pictures, video, messages and posts on your wall, list of your friends and some more of the information that you share on your profile.

When you download your information you will totally be protected, in order to do it you must verify your identity after you have received authentication. Once you click the ‘’ download’’ button you will notice that it will be change into ‘’pending’’, after it you will read a note telling you that ‘’you will receive an email when it’s ready’’. Some users might take several hours with the downloading process but those who only have less content it will just take for a few minutes. After it you will receive an email from Facebook telling that ‘’ your download is ready’’ and you can download your information page. To assure that you are properly secured and has completed the security test you must re-enter your password before you can begin with the download of the zip file.

After the downloading process you can now download your information Zip file contents that contain folders of HTML, pictures and videos. The HTML folder contains basic information such as your contact number, education, and profile picture, interest and work information. Aside from the basic information it also includes your wall post including the update of your status, photos and videos that is tagged on it. It will also contain the list of your friends that as written alphabetically and orderly.

When you download Facebook information, there is also some information that is exempted in downloading. Some of the information that is not included in your information download is the contact information of your friends, group content and the list of the applications that is installed in your Facebook page. Remember that ‘’ download your information’’ will just include all the information about you and not the information of your friends.