Download Facebook App for Blackberry

Blackberry is one of the most innovative phones in the market today. Therefore, there are also various applications and features suitable for Blackberry phones. One of which is the Facebook application for Blackberry. Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites in the online community and millions of people around the world use Facebook. Facebook application opens a lot of opportunity for millions of people to connect with their families and friends. Now, even with your Blackberry phones, you can get the advantage and benefit of Facebook. Download Facebook App for Blackberry is an amazing benefit as you can get in touch with your friends and family. The app gives a compact, attractive user interface to browse Facebook right on your Blackberry phone.

Blackberry phone users can check their Facebook News Feed and they can also filter by links or photos and by status updates if they prefer. Users can also send and read FB messages on their phones, share their location with Places and search and add Facebook friends via downloading the Facebook App for Blackberry. Another excellent feature of this Facebook app for Blackberry is the ability to capture and upload photos or add them from saved images. Unluckily, the app does not allow users to do this with videos at present. This FB app integrates satisfactorily with the Blackberry OS. For instance, users can connect their FB account to their BlackBerry Calendar app, meaning FB events are added here automatically. Users can sync contacts and messages between their BlackBerry and Facebook and get notification at a planned time period.

However, the Facebook App for BlackBerry does not entirely cover Facebook’s features similarly. The application is excellent for updating and checking Facebook. Even if it does not give users access to the entire array of characteristics, they can still enjoy the web version of this social media site. For example, users cannot access FB apps on their BlackBerry phones or access FB chat. Despite lacking the complete social media site experience, the FB application for BlackBerry still comes with the most convenient means of using Facebook on their device. Current changes are made with this FB app for BlackBerry such as FB groups support and you can now “LIKE” comments and view Likes as well. Using this FB app for BlackBerry, you can get better navigation directly on your phone.

It provides the latest navigation list which allows the user to access messages, notifications, friend requests and chat quickly. Moreover, you can have a well-enhanced photo experience. Users have lots of options now with this FB 4.0 update, providing them with a richer photo experience. You can enjoy the full screen photo browsing or comment and like instantly and even view or add tags. You can also get quick access to your FB updates. It provides users with faster content updates and allows them to easily check recent Wall posts, News Feeds, pages, Messages and Events. The Facebook App for BlackBerry connects you with your family and friends instantly.