Download Facebook App for iPhone

Facebook is a popular and frequently visited social networking site that allows users to see what their friends are up to, share videos, updates and photos, and receive notifications when friends comment and like posts. This largest social network also enables users to chat, connect with friends and create conversation as well as play games. Due to the amazing features of Facebook, increased number of individuals is now getting hooked with this site.

Facebook app can now be downloaded for iPhone, allowing users to access and explore their Facebook account easily and quickly on their iPhone. This app offers simple ways to update status, send messages, upload photos, check on places, chat with friends, and many more. The edge of Facebook is the news feed, providing timeline for newest posts from friends with added shortcut button for the purpose of putting up pictures, posting updates and responding to messages and friend requests. To download Facebook App for iPhone, follow these simple steps:

  1. From your computer, open the iTunes program and in case you do have not download it yet, you can simply start downloading it here.

  2. Proceed to the iTunes store that is found on the left portion of the menu.

  3. Type in “Facebook” in the search box found in the top right portion of the page then click “Enter’’ to start the search.

  4. Download the application for free by simply clicking on the “Free App” key. Signing into the iTunes account is necessary to be able to download the application.

  5. Transferring the Facebook application to the iPhone is the next procedure to take.

There are other sets of procedure to be followed if you have the desire to download the application from the phone itself. These procedures are as follows:

  1. Turn the iPhone on with the aid of the lock button found at the top of the mobile device.

  2. Unlock the phone by sliding the finger along the screen following the direction of an arrow.

  3. Proceed to the application “App Store”. You will need a reliable internet connection for this.

  4. Click the “Search’’ button.

  5. Press the “Free” button and when it goes green, click the button again to install.

  6. You need to sign in to your account on iTunes to confirm the download.

Facebook for iPhone and other devices allow users to share information and stay connected with Friends even when on the go. You can now use your iPhone in chatting with your friends making use of the exclusive Facebook chat. This application allows users to interact and socialize in Facebook at every way possible like commenting on someone else’s wall, reading or writing notes, zooming photos, liking posts and accepting friends. The Facebook application for iPhone is specially designed to enable users to take full advantage of the most commonly used functions of Facebook. These include viewing News feeds, responding to messages, and many more. This application may not contain the inclusive features when you access Facebook directly using a web browser. However, if you need to keep you iPhone in sync with your exclusive Facebook profile, this application is the best one for you.