Download Facebook Apps

Facebook has hundred millions of users and it is undoubtedly the best spot to get connected with friends, loved ones, and other people from various parts of the world. It is also one of the major reasons why it became very popular among other social media networking sites. The most favorite features of the users are video sharing, events functionality, photo sharing and users groups which are empowered by applications. Such core applications were installed on each profile and can never be removed.

This social media giant has been the home to more than 350, 000 applications that were developed by numerous third party developers worldwide. With these thousands of applications, Facebook Application Platform may be quite overwhelming for navigation searching for the most incredible apps may be challenging.

The Facebook Platform was launched in 2007 and it permits outside developers to make applications like games and other programs. These apps run within Facebook and got access to the social data (when you grant this access). This platform belongs to the well known developer ecosystems in the world of internet.

These Facebook apps’ place is the official App Directory website. The users have the access to this directory through clicking on the button “Applications” situated in the Facebook screen’s lower left hand portion (at the bottom area of navigation bar). Then, click on the link ‘Browse More Applications”. You can download Facebook apps to find a wide range of selection of applications.

This directory is also listing other external sites that are connected with Facebook, desktop and mobile applications, and even ‘prototypes’. They have been the new applications and features that this social networking site tests out.

App Directory is listing all applications available to the users on social networks and it has been offering 5 ways to search for new applications. The featured apps will be the very first thing to see at the top of App Directory’s page. These apps were the ones chosen by the Facebook staff as well-made, unique and noteworthy.

The next section on this page is the list of apps that the site thinks can be enjoyed by the users. It has been generated based on the particular apps that are popular with the users’ friends and the closely resemble to the application type that was installed. On the other hand, if you are after the applications that perform a certain task, search function will be the ideal place to go.

If you are not sure about the things you are searching for, brose the categories on the App directory. Here, you can find sports, utilities, lifestyle, just for fun, games, education, businesses, family and friends, and entertainment. Every category page got suggested and featured apps.

At the bottom area of the page, you can find news feed that reveals the recent app-related activities from friends. It is the section that provides views of applications that your friends interact with. When searching or browsing for apps, you will be seeing an overview of every app and the ones that rated out of 5.It even includes the numbers of active users monthly and the friends who are using the application.