Download Facebook BB

Do you want to be connected with your friends no matter where you are and what the time is? You can do that by downloading one of the well-known social media sites today to your cell phone or device. Yes, there is now a Facebook application that can be downloaded to any device, even Blackberry phones. With this Facebook app for Blackberry Smartphones, it made it easier for you to stay connected with your friends. You are able to share news wherever you are. What’s more is that there are a lot of things you can discover with the app.

Facebook BB is a free application designed to make it possible for you to connect with your FB friends through your BB device anytime and anywhere. It is designed with all features you can usually find on the Facebook site online. It allows you to add like, poke, add comments, view inbox messages and invite friends through email. You can also easily write on your friend’s walls anytime you like.

The application is featuring a simple yet intuitively designed interface with a news feed status bar where small thumbnail photos and updates are seen. The Facebook BB application allows you sort feeds by news, photos, links and updates.

Facebook is known as a website where you can upload photos and create albums. You can still enjoy this feature when you download Facebook BB to your device. It comes with a photo uploader to allow uploading of photos directly from the device to Facebook. Another good design and feature of the application is its ability to sync contacts as well events from your Facebook account to your device’s calendar or address book automatically. Push notifications is one of the features you are enabled to use in the app, which you can turn on/off anytime.

Other things you can access through the Facebook app for Blackberry are:

• Facebook Messages

• Facebook Groups

• Facebook Newsfeeds

• Facebook Birthdays and Events

• Facebook Friends and their Profiles

• Nearby Places

Requirements in Downloading the Application

There are simple requirements needed for you to download and use the application. This includes a wireless service data plan supporting SN applications. Wi-Fi connectivity and a Facebook account are required as well. For those who do not have these yet, you can create one directly from the application. The device should have enough memory for the application to be downloaded.

The Facebook application is now available in several versions. Some may have more features than the others. But all versions are designed with the basic features that Facebook has. The versions of the application allow you to upgrade the one you have as soon as a new one is released. That is why if you want to have and be able to use all the available new features of Facebook application for Blackberry devices, make sure that you are doing the upgrades as well. Whatever version you want your device to be upgraded with, always be reminded to delete the previous one you have. You should do it before starting with the installation so that possible issues during the process can be avoided.