Download Facebook Chat for BlackBerry Curve

One well-known and innovative brand of mobile phones in the market is BlackBerry. There are lots of features, benefits and applications suitable for BlackBerry phones. BlackBerry Curve is a popular model of BlackBerry phones and there are many who have this model. Social media sites are a huge draw on all Android and Smartphone platforms and Facebook remains one of the most widely known social media sites in the world. Thus, there are various types of software which enable users to get the FB application and install it directly on their BlackBerry Curve. Chatting online is one of the most famous features of Facebook known by many people around the world.

Facebook application has been updated, introducing some new features beneficial for BlackBerry Curve users. The FB app is Unified Search compatible and has an integrated inbox with Push Notifications and dedicated to Social feeds. The newest version has added thumbnail photos and the ability to search and browse pages. Most significantly, the Places feature has been introduced that allows users to share their location with their FB buddies. Facebook’s Chat function has been introduced long prior to Places, but Facebook Chat still hasn’t been launched for BlackBerry phones. Download Facebook chat for BlackBerry Curve is now the latest and newest trend for BlackBerry users. The FB app puts a lot of practicality into the little space, so the app is simple to navigate and use.

On the News Feed, users can view the complete feed or just choose to view Links, Photos or Status Updates from the drop-down menu. Users can also switch between Pages and Friends on the Friends page. Grouping the same items together saves space. The app has also prevented the toolbar from being too crowded. This app might take a lot of space on your phone and opening and loading the entire Friends list or News Feed might take a few times. Once the app has been downloaded, all of the available Inbox, News Feed and Friends list changes, but it runs quickly. The Facebook chat application has social feeds and is integrated with Unified Search. It also showcases the Places app. If you open your Facebook chat directly in your BlackBerry Curve, you are able to view your recent conversations as well as message history. You can create new messages, reply to your friends or simply open it.

Aside from these features, you can also get the benefit of viewing your contact lists as well as sending them instant messages via SMS. Other features of FB chat include the ability to add photos and have group conversations and chats. Facebook chat gives you the chance to connect with your FB friends right on your BlackBerry Curve. Millions of people use Facebook as their means of connecting with their families and friends from different parts of the world. The convenience that this app provides makes it worthy and trendy for many people. You can experience chatting online instantly and affordably with this BlackBerry Curve Facebook Chat application.