Download Facebook Chat

Today, lots of people chat using Facebook. Most people you know are most likely there and chat is integrated into the social networking siteís interface thatís probably open all the time whenever youíre logged in. If you want to chat with friends without opening the browser, then all you have to do is to download Facebook Chat.

Facebook Chat features a simple interface that can be figured out with ease. You can log in with your Facebook password and username and the app will display your friends alphabetically. Online friends are placed on top and everyone else is below. In order to send every message, you need to click the Send button. Facebook Chat also installs and uninstalls with ease and without any problems.

Benefits of Facebook Chat

Facebook Chat is an instant messenger that lets you chat with friends from your desktop or phone. Its sophisticated GUI allows you to see which of your friends are offline or online. Through the app, you can connect to your FB account directly without opening the hardware consuming web browser. It also keeps a tiny system footprint and will not slow down normal computer activities. Facebook Chat has a message notification system that allows you to know when you receive instant messages. With its fast chat interface, you can talk to many Facebook buddies at the same time. You just need to click the name of your friend. The app is also very easy to use. Just download and install it and log in using your Facebook password and username.

Why Download the App?

Facebook Chat offers an easy way to chat with friends. It is a very simple messenger app and with it, thereís no need to open your browser just to go online. Itís perfect for those who are just interested in chatting with their Facebook buddies and not in other things that can distract them.

Facebook Chat is a new way to communicate with friends in real time. While the Inbox and Wall have been the primary means to communicate, they may not be enough when more immediacy is needed like when making plans for a birthday party in 30 minutes. Facebook Chat aims to solve this problem.

Unlike the Inbox or Wall, the messages are displayed and delivered to your friends as soon as they are sent. Thus, you can expect a response immediately and without having to load the page. You can also collapse the conversation if you want to and even go offline if you do not want to use the app at all.

All conversations are totally private, one-to-one and just between Facebook friends. Aside from this, the message history is saved between login sessions and from page to page, but not logged permanently. If you want to clear out the history, there is a link given in every conversation so that you can remove it. In case you do not want the Mini-Feed stories embedded into the conversations, just turn off this feature from either the Chat settings panel or Mini-Feed privacy page.