Download Facebook Icon 101


In this online era, the world is now on a dynamic state. Everything on this earth is experiencing upgrade or automation if not. There are also a lot of changes in the way people communicate with each other and that is because of the advent of internet and existence of social media sites.

Social media sites are used as a great way of getting in touch with your friends, relatives, colleagues and future friends. It is a good venue where you can share lots of photos, unlimited and free chat or updating the world about your current status. With social media, it’s a lot easier to shout to the world that you are broke, you’re single, you are currently on a complicated relationship or you want to reveal the most intriguing revelation ever in your life. So, whatever it is you want to express, bring it on to social media sites, for sure you will get thousand likes!

Do you know what is the most viral and trending among all of these sites? Well… yeah! You’re right – Facebook! So it only means that you’re not getting out of track. Anyway, going back to the main concern, here you can get info about how to download Facebook Icon. Is that Necessary? Hell yeah! Of course, if you are an avid fan of FB for life, you can use that stuff in design concepts like shirt printing or web page design, right?

What is Facebook Icon?

FB icon is the trademark or the signature image of facebook. It is a visual graphics that is associated with the idea of the best social media site ever created on this planet. To make it simpler, simply put a light blue square figure with a white small letter f in the middle of it. And, that’s it – FB icon.

What is the importance of Facebook Icon?

As stated, it is a representation of the most viral social media site ever existed on this planet. It’s just a very simple image but when you saw it, what comes to your mind next is logging-in to your FB account to check out your personal notifications and FB messages. The impact of its importance greatly favors the company, however, you can benefit from it as well.

How to Download Facebook Icon?

Here are some easy tips on how to download Facebook Icon:

1. Open your web browser and type You will be then redirected to the Google search home page.

2. On the upper right corner of your screen, look for the word “images” and click it. The page will then be redirected to Google images search page.

3. On the text box at the middle of the page, type “Facebook Icon” then hit the enter key. A wide array of FB icon selection will be showed to you. (if you want a larger image resolution proceed to number 4)

4. Look for “search tools” in the tool bar at the upper corner of the Google page. Click on the “Size” and a dropdown menu will appear and then choose “Large.”

5. Choose your preferred icon by clicking it. A window will appear then select “view image.”

6. You will be redirected to the image with its actual size and right click on that. A dropdown menu will appear and choose “save as…”

7. The “save as” window will pop-up and then select your preferred storage location, after that, click save.

8. There you have it!