Download Facebook Instant Messenger

While the huge popularity of social networking sites is continuously increasing, more and more people are looking to use and take advantage of it. There are a huge number of social networking sites you can find these days and one of the most popular among these social sites is Facebook. Almost every individual today know about this social site, so it is no longer surprising why all of them practically have their own Facebook account.

Though social networking is fun, there may be times when you simply do not like to keep your own Facebook profile open, but still like to go on with your conversations with Facebook chat. It is the integrated instant messaging tool of the popular networking site. By having your Facebook Messenger on Windows, you will be able to keep the chat from going directly on your device, which is now made as simple as ever.

What you only need to do is to the program software installed to your device. After installing it on your device, you should be able to send your instant messages, obtain instant access to your new inbox messages, experience instantaneous activities and updates from your contacts and so much more.

If you wonder how to download Facebook Instant Messenger in your Windows supported device, the following steps should teach you how. Before you may start, you should download the Instant Messenger IM client software through the following systematic instructions:

• Have your web browser directed to the site for Facebook Messenger for Windows.

• Find the green button with “Install Now” label.

• To start with your download, hit on the button.

Windows System Facebook Messenger Requirements

Ensure that your Personal Computer meets that particular requirements prior to starting with the installation, or else you won’t be able to take advantage of the IM client. The following are required:

• Your PC should be supported by Windows 7

• Make sure that you are connected to the internet, whether WiFi or Wired Internet connection

• You already sign in and create your own Facebook account.

After making sure that you have all these requirements met, you will be encouraged to have Facebook Messenger run for Windows installer found on the computer. You might view either the web browser alert or a dialogue box, if you either like to save or run the file for installation, which is named as “FacebookMessengerSetup.exe”. After this, you may click the “Run” button to start the installation without the need to download the installer program. Another way to do so is to click on “Save” button to have the file downloaded directly to the PC if you wish to download Facebook’s Instant Messenger for Windows.

Click “Cancel” for exiting the installation. Once it is run, the Messenger installation for Windows might take a couple of minutes based on the internet speed and computer type. A certain dialogue box will show up, keeping track of the progress for having the program added into your computer. Once you are through with the whole process, you are now ready to take advantage of using your Facebook IM.