Download Facebook Messages

One of the most essential and most popular features of the social giant, Facebook, is its ability to store both public and private messages. If the users got very important information stored in the Facebook messages, they will feel more secured and more confident when they got them backed up on the computer. For certain reasons that they lost access to their personal account on Facebook, or they decided to deactivate their account, these messages can be saved when they need these. Regardless of their reasons, Facebook will make things easy when it comes to downloading the entire profile into the office or personal computer.

There are certain steps to consider whether the users want to download Facebook messages successfully into their device or computer. First of all, they have to log into their Facebook account and click on the gear-shaped icon on a toolbar. Then, choose “Account Settings”. After that, choose the “Download a Copy of Your Facebook Data” which is situated at the last portion of the section ‘General Account Settings’.

The third step to take is to click on the button named “Start My Archive” which is located on the next page. Then, choose the button again situated in a pop-up window. Find “Confirm” to get started with the main process. The Facebook will start compiling all data in the file. This process usually takes less than an hour. Whenever the Facebook account had finished preparing all the files, this is going to send an email.

Open this email and then click on the link in that message. This link is going to bring the users back into the Facebook, where they should click the “Download Archive” in order to save their file into their computer.

The next step to take is to navigate into the file location which can be found on the computer. Double-click that file to unzip this. The file’s content involves the main folder that has similar name as the profile of the Facebook. Open that folder and then double-click the file named “index.html” to have a view of the contents on the Web Browser. This file has the links to all files in that particular folder.

The final step of the process is to click on the link ‘Messages’ to see all the Facebook messages just like the Web page. These messages are going to be displayed in a chronological order. It starts with the recent ones. Up to now, the Facebook users have been given the chance to make an access to the site’s messaging feature right through the main application.

Facebook subtly advises the application users to download this standalone messenger application to obtain better experiences. However, it seemed that the users cannot receive or send messages in the main Facebook application. Through downloading Facebook messages, they will be able to benefit from the feature of accessing and storing their messages into their desktop or computer system. As a result, people will be able to come up with an incredible benefit that no other social media site can offer.