Download Facebook Messenger Free

Facebook has just recently launched an application that makes messaging in smartphone more hassle free and convenient. Facebook messenger is the Windows version of mobile application that allows you to send message and chat with your loved ones and friends. Facebook messenger also enables users to discover recent updates and receive latest and real time notifications. This is a light application that stays minimized while working but still notifies you upon getting new tags, events and updates.

Facebook messenger is a free social networking application featuring the fastest and easiest way of sending messages and keeping in touch with friends and families while on the go. This makes reaching out to other people a breeze and getting instant messages from senders without any flaw. With this application, you are allowed to send message individually or by group. Facebook messenger automatically sends notifications so you will never miss even a single message.

Highlighted Features of Facebook Messenger

• Chat with your friend in Facebook right from your own desktop.

• You stay connected while at the same time surf the web, watch videos, play game and work online.

• Facebook Messenger allows you to use the Facebook chat without the need to log in to Facebook.

• This application is extremely fast and you can IM your FB friends faster than Facebook does.

• You can experience the Facebook messenger for free.

• Users can utilize this messenger app anytime, anywhere. Individuals can chat from school, home and work and even behind the firewalls.

You can now enjoy Facebook messenger free download and experience this application right on your mobile phone. You just need to consider the following steps:

• Tap the App store on your home screen.

• Search the “Facebook Messenger” on the App Store. This should be the very first application to be shown.

• Tap the button labeled with “Facebook Messenger” in order to view application details.

• Click “Install” button. If you are connected to 3G or Wi-Fi, the process of downloading will start immediately.

• Log in to Facebook messenger using your regular Facebook password and email.

• Use the application and begin new conversations by clicking the button on the upper right portion.

Download the App for Android

When downloading and installing Facebook Messenger to your Android phone, you just need to follow these steps and get started within few minutes:

Step One: Open Play Store on your Android tablet or Android Smartphone.

Step Two: Look for the Play Store’s home screen. In order to download the messenger, tap search button located on the top right portion of the screen and type “Facebook Messenger.”

Step Three: Play Store will now display all results from the search conducted. Choose “Facebook Messenger” which is actually the first result displayed.

Step Four: You will be exposed to some general details about this app for Android.

Step Five: Download the “Facebook Messenger” to your Android by clicking the button labeled with download.

The messenger app will immediately begin the download and the installation on your tablet or Android phone. You can even view the progress of downloading. After downloading and installing successfully, a notification will be sent to you.