Download Facebook Massenger

A software app and instant messaging service that provides voice and text communication, Facebook Messenger is integrated with the web-based chat feature of Facebook. Itís built on the MQTT protocol and allows Facebook users to chat with their friends both on the main website and on their mobile phone.

Download Facebook Messenger and chat with your friends from your desktop or phone like what other well-known instant messengers offer. The app also lets users see updates on their notification updates and private messages. Stay connected while playing games, watching videos, working or browsing the web. With the app, you donít have to log on to Facebook just to use the chat feature. Facebook Messenger also lets you avoid the firewalls set up by schools, work and universities. Regardless of your location, you can stay connected with your important Facebook friends. The app can also be minimized into a small icon within the system tray so that other people will only see you are connected to the social networking site. Since it uses Java, it works on various cross platform systems, so most operating systems can use the software with ease.

Why Download the App?

Facebook is one of the best ways to communicate with friends and its chat feature is particularly useful. Itís possible to chat with everyone from your high school classmates and colleagues to distant relatives and best friends. If you do not want to have your browser open all the time just to use the chat feature of the social networking site, there are various clients that allow you to take chat and other features off the main website. Facebook Messenger is one of these. The app is fashionably similar to the Facebook site, showing a list of available friends with their newest status updates below their names. The common notification and message icons also showed at the top. One of the best things about the app is that you can use it anytime you want and anywhere you are, as long as you are connected to the web. You can also minimize it if you donít want other people to see what you are doing.

Facebook Messenger for Mobile

Facebook Messenger for Mobile was made available on 9th of August 2011 for Android and iOS. The app became available for BlackBerry OS on October 11. In December 2012, the app for Android in several regions like India, South Africa, Venezuela, Indonesia and Australia added the capability to use it without any Facebook account by just using a phone number and a name. The changes aimed to let the app compete against other similar mobile messaging platforms like WhatsApp as a text messaging alternative. Later updates included an overlay chat system that came from Facebook Home known as Chat Heads and the ability to use Messenger as a substitute text messaging client on Android.

Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone 8 was released on 5th of March 2014. The application has a lot of features similar to Android and iOS app, but does not have voice messaging and Chat Heads features.