Download Facebook Mobile

Facebook Mobile is a freeware developed by the social utility itself and is dedicated to mobile phones that can connect to the web. The social network site wanted to include users from various parts of the world in the experience offered by Facebook. Download Facebook Mobile and stay connected with friends, family and relatives all the time.

The app is available for iOS, Windows Mobile, Android and Java mobile phones. It also allows users of conventional mobile phones to access the site anytime they want and anywhere they are. Facebook has entered in a collaboration agreement with a number of international telephone companies in Germany, United Kingdom, Portugal, Pakistan, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Russia, Brazil, Egypt, Bangladesh and Nigeria to pursue this goal. The agreement aims to provide users with free data for 90 days to try the app.

Facebook Mobile basically offers the most popular services and features found in the site’s web-based version like Notifications, Chat, News Feed, View Profile, Inbox, What's on your mind?, Photos, Update your Status and a lot more. You can see like the comments of your friends, see what they are sharing, comment and post videos or photos from your mobile phone.

Above the News Feed option, the apps’ interface provides quick links for you to check your Requests, Invitations and Inbox with ease. See the photos your friends posted and leave a comment or like them. Take a nice shot from your mobile phone and upload it right away. Update your Facebook profile anytime and from anywhere. Avoid feeling disconnected if you don’t have access to your computer at all times through the app.

Some of the features of Facebook Mobile include:

• You can download the app for free. It’s available in popular languages like English, French, Chinese and Italian.

• It offers quick links to important actions like Requests, Invitations and Inbox.

• Facebook Mobile was designed to be compatible with any type of mobile. It also works with conventional phones that can connect to the web.

• The app is a smaller version of Facebook’s web-based version and thus, it provides the most beneficial features of the site such as News Feed, Apps, Notifications, Chat, Events and Status changes.

• It’s simple and reduced, but not lacking and boasts fast operation.

• Facebook Mobile has simple visuals. It has austere graphics and simple windows for your FB friends’ thumbnails and basic icons.

• Since it’s an official app, it provides the confidence that you’ll always have the newest update and the safety of being developed by Facebook itself.

Using Facebook Mobile is also easy. If you only want to read the status updates of your friends, all you have to do is to log in on your mobile phone. While this version may not have as many features as the standard website, you’ll still be able to keep up with what your Facebook friends are doing. You can always visit the official site if you want to know more information about this app before you download it.