Download Facebook New Version

Facebook is one of the most renowned and used social network sites with millions of members from different parts of the world and still growing. For the benefit of the user, the maker decided to upgrade the Facebook. The new version of Facebook is ready to download and it offers lots of new, state of the art features.

Reports say that the latest update on Facebook is being driven by Android users with no assistance from Play Store. Instead of getting a timely from the applications marketplace, some have been noticing a pop up message after launching Facebook, telling users that the latest version is now available for download.

The Facebook social networking site has released 9.0 version of its application today. It is equipped with exceptional features such additional commenting abilities, enhanced group administration features and so much more. With the latest version of Facebook, keeping in touch with your friends and loved ones is faster than before. This allows you to know what your friend is up to, get notified if friends comment or like your posts, share videos, photos and updates, chat, text as well as group conversation. This gives you the chance to play your favorite games and utilize the apps that you want.

The new version of Facebook allows users to make posts or comments even if the connection is poor or you are in airplane scheme, and they will share if the connection gets fast enough. The new version allows group administration to easily check and approves the post by the members, see posts regarding trending issues emphasize in NF on iPad.

You can download Facebook new version using your iOS, Android, and Windows mobile, this also works with mobile phones powered by Java. This allows Facebook users of traditional mobile phones to access to Facebook from everywhere and anywhere. Because of this development, this networking site has come into a partnership deal with several global telephone agencies. This is to provide the user ninety days of open data, particularly to try the new version for each phone. The developers provide a listing of participating agencies for every country.

The new versions of Facebook will downstream the update in the setting prior to prompting users, and upon upgrading to the latest version allows a permission to pull down automatically future updates if connected to Wi-Fi or internet. Some other features included in the latest version take account of capability to alter the profile pictures, enhanced messaging as well as choices to hide stories and flag spam.

Those who have not yet spotted the latest update on their Android devices, you can go online and check the process of how to upgrade to the newest version of Facebook. There are websites out there that provide information on how to upgrade the newest version. All you need to do is to follow the steps attentively.

Download the newest version of Facebook now and experience the power and fun this social networking site provides.