Download Facebook Photos

Facebook is one of the social networking sites used by millions of people all throughout the world. This has made a very significant mark in the field of communication because of its amazing features making interacting and communicating with other people easier and at the same time very convenient.

The Facebook indeed have a lot of features to be proud of including the chatting feature allowing the user to chat with friends and relatives without any hassles at all compared to other modes of communicating which is the snail mail. It is also the cheapest way of communicating tough there is a need for internet connection. There is variety of things you can do whenever you have a Facebook account. Aside from chatting, it is also giving the chance of allowing the users to upload and share photos of them or of someone. To download Facebook photos easier, here are some of the tools you can use of doing it.

Tools in Downloading Facebook Photos


The PhotoGrabber is a kind of a desktop application making downloading of Facebook photos easier. This is basically used by most of the parents for the reason through this app they can be able to monitor what type of photos being shared and downloaded by their child. The user of this app is allowed of downloading photos from different perspectives. It is either downloading photos where a friend is basically tagged in, downloading of all the albums which are containing photos of your friends or the uploaded ones or even downloading the tagging information and comments of most of the photos.

This is applicable for both operating systems of Mac and Windows.


Flushipranie is one of FireFox 4 experimental plug-in wherein there is no restarting involved just to install this app. When you have already installed it, just browse to the part of “Your Albums” on your Facebook account then right click the album link. You will be noticing an option of “flushipranie download” then you will be giving a base name to the photos. If you want to change the default prefix of Facebook, just check the prefix checkbox of Facebook and simply click on OK. After this, point it all to the album where the photos will eventually be saved then click the “Download button”. All the photos are now saved on the folder.

Download Facebook photos as a type of HTML page

This tool is one of the extensions of Google Chrome allowing easier downloading of all the Facebook photos. This tool is basically working through the use of the toolbar icon. Click this button in viewing all the photos, then a created page will appear including all the photo thumbnails. In saving this page, just use the shortcut of CTRL+S. It will be saved in a destination folder and another separated folder meant for the photos which are listed.

In General

Aside from the above mentioned tools for downloading Facebook photos, there is still a lot of this you can use. These are all considered very beneficial and useful to the users making it more fun to view happy moments of photos.