Download Facebook Seluler

Download Facebook Seluler and access the social network site from your phone. The app aims to connect Facebook users to their family, relatives and friends all the time. Facebook Seluler is available for Android, Java and iOS phones and allows you to access the site anywhere you are and anytime you want. It basically provides the most common features and services found in the web-based version of the site such as View Profile, Whatís on Your Mind, Update your Status, Photos, Chat, Notifications, Inbox, News Feed and a lot more. Itís also possible to view the comments your friends posted, comment on their posts, post photos or videos, see what your Facebook buddies are sharing and share what you want from your phone.

Facebook Seluler has an easy to use interface that offers quick links to let you check the Inbox, Invitations, Requests and other FB features with ease. The app also allows you to see the photos posted by your friends, like them or even leave a comment. You can take photos from your phone and upload it immediately or update your profile from anywhere and anytime you want. Even if you donít have access to a PC all the time, you can always access your Facebook account.

Why Download the App?

One of the best things about the app is that itís free to download. Itís also available in various languages such as French, Italian, Chinese and English. Facebook Seluler is compatible with different kinds of phones and also works with conventional mobile devices that can connect to the internet. It also provides quick links to common actions like Invitations, Inbox and Requests, so you can easily access these anytime you want.

Facebook Seluler has a fast operation and since itís the smaller version of the web-based version of the site, it offers the most important features of Facebook like Chat, Status changes, Events, Notifications and News Feed. The app also boasts austere graphics, simple windows and simple visuals. As it is an official app from Facebook, it gives you confidence that you will always have the latest updates and that itís safe to use.

With Facebook Seluler, you can read your friendís status updates by just logging in on your phone. This version might not have all the features of the standard site, but you will still be able to stay connected with your friends and know what they are doing.

How to Use Facebook Seluler

After downloading Facebook Seluler, install it. Once installed, the app will tell you to log in and the main screen will show up. Using the app, you can download your photo albums or the photo album of your friends. You can also tag photos with it. Choose the options you like and the screen will actually change according to your mobile phone. If you want to know more information about Facebook Seluler, you can always visit the official website. Since the app is free, you donít have to worry about paying for anything.