Download Facebook Toolbar

Download Facebook Toolbar and obtain the shortcuts for your Facebook account on your browser. This offers you the opportunity to keep an eye on your Facebook account.

If you’re among the millions of Facebook users who find their own self constantly signing into their account to check for email, messages, or notifications, this free add-on can make your Facebook browsing experience better. Facebook toolbar offers you with one-click access to your account while you’re browsing the web.

Facebook toolbar features buttons and links that will keep you keep in touch with the latest happening in the Facebook community. With this toolbar, you can log in to your account even if you changed your status. Just remember to refresh your browser if your Facebook page is already open, to ensure that the changes made from the toolbar will take effect. This toolbar also offers you with links that will take you directly to your photos, account setting, profile, and inbox.

There’s also a button on the toolbar that activates the sidebar. This offers you the opportunity to keep the tabs of your friends. Facebook toolbar also offers a share button that enables you to share the web page top your friends while you’re enjoying browsing. The search feature of this toolbar is like the rest of this add-on; it is specifically designed for Facebook where you cannot find extras like email notification and weather information.

Facebook toolbar can be lacking customizable option, but the speed of accessing your Facebook account on your web browser cannot be denied. The one-click access to Facebook gives credit to the slight negatives that this toolbar has. Keeping an eye on your Facebook account while browsing the web means that you can actually increase your productivity. This toolbar is ideal for students, and professionals who want to stay connected with their friends while doing the things that they normally do every day.

Download Facebook toolbar and sync your Facebook account with your web browser. The search box feature of this add-on enables you to search for people wherever you are. You can even select the name of your friend from the drop down list and click o them to go directly in their page; you can also press enter to view the search results.

Facebook toolbar offers you an icon that notifies you for the number of pokes, friend requests, and messages you received. A pop up will also notify you if one of your friends changed their status. This pop up will also inform you if you just received a note, or someone wants to interact with you.

Another amazing thing about the Facebook toolbar is that you can share with your friends the current web page that you’re browsing. The newest version of Facebook toolbar offers you with additional features that can make your Facebook browsing experience highly convenient. With this toolbar, you do not need to login and log out your Facebook account on your browser from time to time. With a single click, you will be directed to your page and immediately interact with your social media friends.