Download Facebook Videos

Facebook is known as one of most sought after and most popular social networking sites found online. With the huge development Facebook has acquired, just about every individual whether with big name in the industry or a simple citizen now has their own Facebook accounts. Using Facebook, you will be able to share your photos or videos to other people.

The photos and videos uploaded to Facebook have been used by many people for entertainment purposes. With this, Facebook contains a number of interesting and exciting videos yet there is no accurate option for downloading the videos you are watching. On the other hand, only with a few clicks, you will be given the chance to download these videos, and then save them if in case you will want to view them for future posterity or entertainment. If you want to know about the proper ways on how to make free download Facebook videos, you may want to check out the following details.

  1. The first step you will need to take is to find the video you wish to download. Most probably, you will view some interesting videos on your present news feed. With these videos, you will then have a lot of options to explore with. Plenty of the videos uploaded and posted on Facebook are supported by YouTube. Most of them are just shared with Facebook. In order to have your own copy of them, you will have to download them from YouTube directly. The website supporting the video you want to download must normally be embedded within a video frame. A video, which is hosted actually by Facebook will not credit other websites.

  2. Copy the link. In order to acquire the link to the Facebook video, you can right click on the video’s name and then select copy link location or copy link address.

  3. You may visit a certain Facebook downloading site. There are a number of websites you can find that provide free downloads of Facebook videos. One of the websites you can find may include This website is very straightforward and simple. It allows you from pulling in any videos hosted by Facebook on which you could share them back to the site, embed it on your website of blog, or maybe even download it. Just like YouTube, this website contains a provision for creating your comments.

  1. The next step you should make is to paste the video’s URL. The downloading website you will choose should have the provided space wherein you can enter the URL of the video. In this space, you should paste the URL link onto that space.

  2. Click on the download button. The link to your chosen video along with the new links should be displayed within the new page that contains High Definition (HD) or SD video.

  1. You must save the video. To be able to do this, you will need to right click on the download video in low quality or download video in high quality and then choose save as. This should open the dialog box asking where you would want to save the file.

After doing all the steps, you may then get to enjoy the video you have downloaded from Facebook.