Download Facebook for BB

Facebook is a free app made by RIM for Blackberry phones that give users the opportunity to keep in touch with their friends and loved ones anywhere, anytime. Facebook for BB allows Facebook users to poke, like, see their inbox, add comments, and invite friends by means of email, comment or write on the other Facebook users’ walls with ease.

Facebook for Blackberry comes with intuitive and simple interface that features news feed status bar for small thumbnail pictures and updates. Facebook users can now sort the feeds by news, links, photos and updates.

This also comes with picture uploader that allows you to upload your pictures right from your phone into your Facebook page. Aside from that, the application automatically syncs events and contacts from your Facebook into your device calendar and address book. This also features a push notification that can be switched off or on anytime.

This app takes time to do very well, but certainly is getting remarkable on each update. At this point in time, BB releases another great update to the usual Facebook application that adds lots of new features and makes it easier compared before.

Remarkable Features of Facebook for Blackberry

Sort Newsfeed: This allows you to sort Newsfeed by Top Stories and Most Recent

Emoji Support: Utilize your favorite emoticons like smiley faces in the discussions

Screen Reader: Picture tag support for picture carousel

Add Map View: See the location the user is checking-in from

Friends Nearby: This allows users to see if their friends in Facebook are nearby. Users will be able to determine if they have checked-in on FB to a place that is near to your location

Picture Updates: This provides a new means of interrelating with Facebook picture. Users can now add picture tags to a picture you are up streaming in the application. Aside from that, when you like that picture your Facebook friend shared, you have the chance to save that on you smartphone.

Events: This development is intended to make it simpler to keep track and plan the events. This allows user to see and reply to events, invite friends to participate, view and make posts on the wall, posts pictures as well as tag guests.

Through Facebook for BB app, sharing information is now simpler than before. Utilizing the BB share framework, user can now share links with ease from the newsfeed of the Facebook to BBM, SMS, email, Twitter, Facebook and so much more.

Blocking or un-friending friends is now made easier with the latest version of app. This allows users to block or un-friend through Facebook for BB. In general, the mixture of latest features and the integration of Blackberry Messenger allow Blackberry users to mix the best features, making the most of the Facebook accounts and Blackberry Messenger while combining the most excellent features.

Facebook is an excellent and reliable Facebook app in your BB phones that makes sure users are connected and updated with Facebook friends and loved one all over the world anytime. Download Facebook for BB now and explore its features and benefits.