Download Facebook for Blackberry Smartphones V1.6

Download Facebook for Blackberry Smartphones V1.6 and upgrade your Facebook experience using your mobile device. The upgraded features of this app enable you to highlight the activities on your account. This offers you the get notified about likes on your status, comments, upload photos, and wall posts.

Download Facebook for Blackberry Smartphones V1.6 and check out all of your friend’s profile. With this app you can easily access the wall posts, recently added photos, and status updates of your friends using your Blackberry V1.6. This app is perfect for people on the go as they will not need to log-in to their computer from time to time just to get updated and connected with their friends on social media.

Another exciting feature of Facebook app for Blackberry Smartphones V1.6 is the improved photo viewing. With this, you can quickly open recently added photos, tagged photos, or even view the entire albums of your friends.

With this app, you can instantly receive notifications on the home screen of your Blackberry Smartphone V1.6. Send or receive messages, pokes, update wall posts, and like friend statuses. You can also update your status messages on your wall as well as view, and comment on your friends’ status. Upload photos with comments, and tags on your account using your Blackberry Smartphone with one-click. You can even connect with your friends in Facebook through your Blackberry Smartphone V1.6 Address Book, which include a profile picture. This enables you to contact the right person that you want to get connected with.

With Facebook app, you can organize an event and birthday reminders on your account with your Blackberry smartphone. Furthermore, Facebook for Blackberry V1.6 supports 3 new languages including European Portuguese, Thai, and Indonesian.

The updated version of the app has updated features that can take your browsing experience to a higher level of excitement. With the newest version of the app, you can view the most recent statuses of your friend’s right at your home screen. Highlight likes on recently added photos, comment on a photo and wall posts or poke a friend at your home screen. Wall access from within Facebook for BlackBerry - with one click on your friend's profile picture from the home page, you can access their wall without having to go to the mobile site.

Facebook has become a part of people’s daily life. It allows people to get connected with each other despite the distance and the things that they do. However, accessing your Facebook account and getting connected with your friends all day long is impossible as you will need to attend to work, studies, or other things that you need to. But, with the release of Facebook app, you can stay connected with your social media friends all day. In fact, you can access your account and engage in video chatting wherever and whenever you want. The beauty of Facebook app is that it is perfect for people on the go who prefer to stay connected to their friends despite their busy schedule.