Download Facebook for Blackberry

Facebook is a universal application that is now available for download for Blackberry. This is definitely good news to all Blackberry users who love Facebook. This application is the key if you have the desire to browse and explore one of the most famous social networking sites today on your Blackberry. This application also offers fast and fun way of browsing through friend’s status, pages, pictures, posts and more.

The interface is a bit sparse but you can easily go to the part of the site where you wanted to explore. There are available buttons for opening the navigation side bars for the purpose of looking for friend requests and the other one for chat messages. Another interesting thing about Facebook on your Blackberry device is the fact that it is certainly easy and fast to browser photos.

This Facebook application is also specially designed for Blackberry smartphones, allowing users to stay connected and updated with their Facebook friends. This enables users to like, add comments, poke, invite friends, write on walls, and view inbox. This application features a photo uploader that allows users to upload their photos to Facebook using their own device. In addition, this Facebook application syncs contacts automatically from Facebook straight to the Blackberry address book.

This download provides individuals with handful of unique features and significant changes but still maintaining the highest level of Facebook experience. When you download Facebook for Blackberry, you can expect for the following:

This application download provides individuals with quicker content updates with combined convenient options to be able to check the latest posts on News Feed and Wall as well as events messages and more.

Facebook offers the newest navigation list allowing users to instantly access chat, friend request, messages and notifications.

With this Facebook application download, you are given with several options that entail an improved photo experience. You can enjoy browsing photo on a full-screen mode, view or add tags, like and comment instantly.

Downloading this Facebook application for your Blackberry phone also opens the door for many discoveries. You ought to discover all the amazing ways on how Facebook works on your own device. Your social life will surely be put on top because this download makes it highly possible. Facebook has in fact offered updated versions for the Blackberry phones.

This latest version offers few essential features, and one of which is the capability to access groups within the said application. Liking comments is also another highlight of the updated version. With this feature, you can now unlike or like comments within the screen. The updated version of Facebook application also gives you the capacity to view users who liked your post.

The group support is another feature linked with this application. This enables users to interact with groups on Facebook. This download offer is readily available these days, and if you have the desire to stay connected and updated with your Facebook account, grab the chance to download this application now.