Download Facebook for Computer

Facebook is considered as one of the largest social networking sites today. Studies reveal that it has more or less one billion users from different parts of the world. This can also be used by anybody regardless of age, sex, and preferences. There are lots of things you can do in Facebook such as express your feelings and thoughts, share pictures and videos with others, chat, like and many more.

There are so many ways to maximize the time you use on Facebook, and the free widget like applications is regarded as one of the most valuable apps that help you keep signed in on this social network site and checks your updates and messages. Facebook for computer, for example is a simple freeware application that keeps you signed in to FB and keeps monitor of your Pokes, Messages, Wall Counts and Friend Requests.

Clicking on several notifications opens Facebook pages. It does not open messages as well as other features of Facebook on your computer. It just monitors your notifications. However, you can store its compact screen in a part of your computer and track your account without the need of refreshing the browser every time.

Facebook for computer slim interface comes with functional menus such as Options, Me, and Login. Start through clicking the sign in. If you are logged in, you will get a notification telling that you can close your browser window and go back to the app. Facebook for computer application will now display your account profile and name and listed a couple of new pokes, friend requests, messages as well as wall posts.

Clicking one of them revealed the right page in your browser. The application provides a number of options that take account of Automatically Log In When Possible and Start with Windows. You can set the rate with which computer checks for the updates and select between Multiline and Scroll bar options for the menu. Multiline on the other hand is confusing to use at first. However, the scrolling view is perhaps what many Facebook users will decide on, and it is the default option.

Facebook for Computer worked well in 32 bit Windows. But, the application displayed an error letter in 64 bit Windows 7 and logging on to Facebook page is hard and most of the time it failed. Download Facebook for Computer now as it is free and easy to install without taking up so much time, so a lot of people suggest trying it if you want to make the most of your Facebook experience.

With these apps, there is no need of refreshing your profile so many times. Facebook for Computer app allows user to get notifications and messages with new friend requests, wall posts, and pokes right from your computer.

This Facebook for Computer apps will help you updated of your Facebook account and at the same time keep informed about what is happening to your circle of friends, loved ones, and other people who are included in your friendsí list.