Download Facebook for Desktop

Regular Facebook users consume or spend six hours per day checking their page, notifications, and messages. There are many ways to maximize the time that you consume on this social networking site, and one of the best and most excellent ways is to download applications to keep you updated and signed in on this networking site and continually check updates and messages. This is where Facebook for Desktop comes in.

Desktop Facebook is a remarkable and free application that allows users to visit their account on Facebook without the need of opening their website browser. This app isn't just making your logging in easy and fast. It also lessens the amount of tabs or pages that you have to open when you have your browser open all at once. Facebook for Desktop is also extremely discreet. This features a sign in the menu bar so as to show if you’re logged in.

Facebook for Desktop signs in at once. You can log in on your Mac even if you can disable this when you like. However, you need to click the menu item so as to log in to Desktop Facebook. There are few choices of configuration and you cannot access any exclusive features using Facebook for Desktop app. These are just some of the drawback of desktop Facebook application.

Amongst the notifications, users can poke and view unread messages, wall posts, friend request, or any participation of the third party application you might have configured in the Facebook. With Facebook for Desktop, safety is not an issue, some FB and eBay apps request users to input the password in the app, and this can be regarded as safety threat. On the other hand, Facebook for Desktop redirects users to the FB website to ask their permission, so it never detains the password and the user name.

Facebook for Desktop comes with IM like line that will show users images and newest events, this could be bad for some. But many want to utilize it like Windows Live Messenger since they consider it as really valuable. For Facebook fanatic and not utilizing any application, then download Facebook for Desktop now as this will save the process of logging every time you want to visit your account.


Facebook for Desktop does not compromise safety since you do not give your password and user name.

• This allows you to log on fast

• Incredibly discreet

• Integrates FB into Mac Desktop


• The Dock icon does not do anything

• A couple of configuration choices

• Restricted to notify

Facebook for Desktop as a whole is a simple to utilize windows software equip with a small memory path and friendly interface that offer updates to profile of Facebook users, which take account of pokes, messages, and friend requests as well as wall posts.

Facebook for Desktop is worth trying for. Sooner or later Facebook users will love and appreciate the expediency and convenience of utilizing it. You can download the Facebook for Desktop now!