Download Facebook for Nokia E63

Download Facebook for Nokia E63 and stay connected with your friends. Since the introduction of Facebook apps, Facebook has evolved from online messaging and picture sharing tool to a more useful platform. With Facebook apps, playing game, managing time and finances, and video chatting have become possible right from the users account.

Download Facebook for Nokia E63 and enjoy using the apps that can make your life easier. One of the primary advantages of having Facebook on your Nokia E63 is that you can access and make use of the Advanced Wall. This is among the primary app that everyone should install on their mobile smartphones. This feature can add more possibility to the default method of posting. With this app, you can use your Nokia E63 to post messages that contain pictures, graffiti, text, flash, drawings, and other useful things on your Facebook account in the web.

Another advantage of Facebook for Nokia E63 is that you can access the Task Master app of your account on your Nokia smartphone. Download Facebook for Nokia E63 and make To Do List items plan any task using your smartphone. You can do this anywhere and anytime you want, and you will not forget the things that you need to do even if you left your notebook or event planner at home. This feature is very basic, but enough for a small task and projects, and perfect for Nokia e63 users.

Facebook for Nokia E63 also provides you the opportunity to use your Facebook Calendar on your smartphone. The birthday calendar compiles the list of all your friend’s birthday dates. This enables you to plan ahead for a birthday present and send messages to them as greetings. With Facebook on your Nokia E63, you can create custom messages and buy presents in advance as present for your friend’s birthday.

Downloading and installation of Facebook to Nokia E63 is straightforward. Below are list of steps on how to install Facebook on your Nokia E63 mobile.

These instructions are pretty easy. However, the installation of Facebook for Nokia E63 may vary from the source of your app. It would be better if you read reviews from different providers to ensure that you get the specific installation procedures as well as get the app at low cost. Besides, older versions of Facebook app are offered for free, and you can download them at no cost at all.