Download Facebook for PC

Some Facebook users spend a lot of time checking their messages and page. There are various ways to maximize the time you spend on Facebook and one of these is free widget-like applications that keep you signed in on the site and allow you to check your updates and messages. One of these apps is Facebook for PC. It remains signed in to the site and keeps tracks of your Pokes, Wall Count, Friend Requests and Messages. Clicking on notifications opens the page in the social network site. However, you have to keep in mind that it does not open your messages and other FB features on your PC. It just tracks the notifications you receive. On the other hand, itís possible to park the compact window in your desktopís corner and monitor your FB account without refreshing the browser every few seconds or minutes. Download Facebook for PC now and get all these features. It requires an active FB account and .NET 2 or even better.

Facebook for PCís slim interface offers useful tabs labeled Me, Options and Login. You can start by clicking Sign In through Facebook. Once you are logged in, a message will tell you that you could close the browser window and go back to the application. Facebook for PC displays your account name and photo and lists the number of Pokes, Wall Posts, Friend Requests and Messages. Clicking any of them opens the right page in the browser. The application also provides several options like Automatically Log in When Available and Start with Windows. Itís possible to set the rate with which the app checks for updates and pick between Scroll Bar as well as Multiline selections for Tabs. You might find the latter feature a little confusing at first, though the scrolling view is most likely what many users will choose and it is also the default option. Facebook for PC works well in 32-bit Windows. It also uninstalls cleanly.

Why Download the App?

Downloading Facebook for PC is free. It is a simple tool that lets you check all notifications and events that you get in your FB account without opening the explorer and navigating to the website. Using the app, you can also check the number of your pokes, wall posts, unread messages, friend requests and other 3rd party apps you might have configured in your account.

Security is also not a concern. Most FB apps request you to key in your password in the app, which can be considered a safety thread. On the other hand, Facebook for PC redirects you to the site to ask for your permission, so it never captures your password and username. The app offers an IM like interface that will show your latest events and photo. Users who may want to use it similar to Windows Live Messenger might not find this feature helpful.

If you like the social network site and youíre not using any gadget apps, Facebook for PC will help you avoid the log in process every time you have to check your FB account.