Download Facebook on iPhone

Download Facebook on iPhone and keep up with your social media friends without hassle. With this app, you can instantly see the things that your friends are up to, share videos, updates, and photos, get notified when your friends post new status, engage in group conversations, and play games on your Facebook page. To download Facebook app on your iPhone is pretty simple. Follow these steps and you’re on the way of accessing your Facebook account using your iPhone.

Download Facebook on iPhone by opening the iTunes program on you handset. This is important as iPhone apps can be downloaded from iTunes Store. Just make sure that you have an internet connection to advance in the next step. Next thing that you need to do is search for the Facebook app, and download it on your phone. Downloading Facebook app is free; you will not need to pay for anything.

Facebook is a universal app for iPhone that offers fast and fun way to browse your friend’s pages, photos, statuses, and more. The app interface was fairly sparse, which can make it easy for you to go to Facebook website easily. Across the top of the interface, you can see a button for the navigation sidebar. You can use the navigation sidebar to look for existing friend requests, a pop up will appear if you have chat message, and notifications button.

To access the sidebar is fairly easy; you can tap it, or swipe it with your finger to the right. The sidebar offers you all the functions that you need, like what you can access using a web browser. You can use these functions to get into your inbox, discover group events, and access other Facebook apps. One of the best things on Facebook for iPhone is that browsing photos is faster and easier than what you usually do on the web browser. Just tap the name of your friend, and you will be directed to their photo albums automatically.

If you prefer to view your friend’s photos one at a time; you can do it in full screen. To do it, just swipe the photo on the screen to move to the next picture on your friend’s album. You can also upload your own photos on your account using your iPhone. This offers you the opportunity to share your special moments with your friend’s right after you taken the picture. All these things are laid out to provide you the opportunity to access all the functions that you use on the web browser using your mobile device.

With Facebook for iPhone, keeping up with friends will be easier and faster than ever. You can have the chance to see what your friends are up, share updates, videos, and photos. Get notified when your friends comment or like on your posts. Send text messages, video chat, and engage in group conversations. You can even play Facebook games on your iPhone.

The newest version of Facebook for iPhone will enable you to get access to the accounts of verified celebrities, brands, and public figures