Download Facebook on your Phone

So, you love Facebook. You have some things to finish, but they can wait. You decide to spend a few minutes to catch up on relatives, friends and people you haven’t had contact with in 5 years. In spite of the temptation to procrastinate, Facebook can also be an important tool while searching for a job. Hiring updates are posted by employers and at the same time, job seekers post status updates about the job they’re looking for. It’s important to be aware of the restrictions that exist and value caution if you're going to use this website or application.

This includes removing tags of inappropriate photos and being careful of what you decide to post. Politics and religion are also a no-no. When looking for a job, a nosy future boss doesn't need to know your personal beliefs or which means you vote. You also need to change your privacy settings. Allow only those you wish to see your profile and postings. Think twice before adding someone you work with or your employer. Keep in mind that employers can easily use the site to investigate as well as judge you based on your Facebook profile. There are some news stories of employees being fired from their jobs for things that they’ve liked or posted on social media.

So, if you’re looking for a job, be careful. Your new boss might be watching you more personally than you believe. When using a social media tool, it’s important to remember that your Facebook status updates or pictures can be searched if precautions are not observed. Make your profile as clean as possible. Good thing is that you can access Facebook from your phone. If you download Facebook on your phone, you can look for a job even without using your computer.

Enjoy Facebook from your Phone

Similar to its web version, this app is very easy to use. Aside from the fact that the interface is intuitive and simple, you can easily recognize the icons and main functions like the news feed, messages, events and notifications. You can also use the social network in a fast and efficient way, even while using less sophisticated phones.

If you download Facebook for mobile phone, you’ll be able to access the main functions that its web version provides. For example, you can check your notifications and messages as well as make comments to friends on their walls, upload photos and share links or news. By downloading Facebook, you won’t need to use a computer to stay connected with your friends. You can also keep in touch with them wherever and whenever you want.