Is there a Free Download Facebook for PC?

So, everyone knows that facebook is the most trending and the most intriguing social media site over the internet these days right? How about you? How many FB account do you got there? WellÖ Probably, even students in pre-school have an account now. Thatís how viral facebook is at present.

Facebook is a really great application. It has a lot of advantages and benefits that it can offer to all of its users, though there are some hitches and glitches that you can encounter about FB, but still it is undeniably very important most especially when it comes to communication. The application technically comes with mail messaging and free chat available for all of its satisfied users. Not to mention itís capability to let you post tons of photos on its wall.

For those people who donít have a facebook account yet, youíve just landed on the perfect page. Here you can get some idea about FB. Is there a free download facebook for PC? Alright, find it and check it out in this article.

Actually, thereís no such thing as free download facebook for PC thing and thereís no premium facebook download either. It is only applicable in mobile devices with Android OS, iPad, and others and that is totally free. If you want to utilize facebook in your PC, all you have to do is to go to this site: and accomplish the signup process.

Hereís how to do it:

1. Select your preferred search engine then type facebook in the bar. Hit enter and you will be redirected to a list of facebook signup page.

2. Choose the first link and click it. The link will say welcome to facebook or sign-up, log in or learn more.

3. You will then see a set of text boxes that will request for your info. Here are the fields required:

a. First name

b. Last name

c. Email address

d. Re-enter email

e. New password

f. Birthday: month/day/year

g. Gender: female/male

4. Fill them up in order for them to process your registration. Facebook is a free app so thereís nothing to worry about.

5. Click the sign-up button and thatís it. You can enjoy facebook then. You will continue setting your personal profile and other necessary details as you go along

Facebook is definitely a great application that you can use these days. Even business owners regardless of the size of their business are signing up for facebook page to promote their products, services and their business itself.

Using facebook platform is not that complicated. As what youíve learned earlier. You donít actually need to download it in your PC. Youíll just need to go to their site, sign-up and there, youíre good to go. Though in mobile devices, you need to download the facebook app however, thatís a very easy task and the good thing is that, itís all for free. So as long as you have an internet connection, you can enjoy the things that are offered by this very popular social media site.