How Do I Download Facebook

Facebook is considered as a public community that binds people with their loved ones, friends and others who live, study, or work in other places. A lot of people spend their entire day in front of the computer, browsing Facebook to upload many pictures, share videos, and links, keep up with family members and friends, and know more regarding the one they’ve just met.

Recently, this networking site released the capability to download and archive your whole Facebook account. This downstream takes account of your videos, pictures, wall posts, and friends. The incapability to export detail out of this website has long been a denigration of their service. On the other hand, this latest feature allows Facebook users to back up their Facebook information in the event they want to leave the service.

How do I download Facebook? This is a common question you usually heard from the mouth of many Facebook users all over the world. Downloading your Facebook is now made easier. As a matter of fact, there are two ways to perform it -- the unofficial method and the official method. You can select one of these methods, or both.

There are lots of reasons why you might wish to download the whole thing you have shared or posted on your Facebook account. Perhaps you do not trust this networking site, or perhaps you like to move to other social networks, or perhaps you only want to create a backup of the whole thing. No matter what the reason is, there are methods to download the thing you have shared and posted on the world’s popular social network site.

The first approach is what experts called the official method. This is assisted by Facebook itself. This can be done with the use of Download Your Information tool. This networking site does the whole thing for you. However, it needs time for the set off the whole thing to take place. You will need to do a number of clicks on FB, until you receive an email showing that your archive is set, once you get an email next step is to download it. Choose an official way of downloading if you like to experience all the excellent features that this networking site is willing to bestow you. One thing that you must keep in mind is that this method doesn’t function well in some cases since download generation may fail.

Unofficial way is another approach you can if you want to download your Facebook account. This is not assisted by Facebook and can be done through the use of Activity log that requires users to have the latest timeline profile. The user and his or her browser need to do the job of downloading the fact that it is not supported by the Facebook.

User can download the whole thing or one of the following classifications of content; posts by friends, your posts, post with location, video, pictures, questions, notes, groups, events, and friends as well as likes, information updates, subscriptions, music, news, games as well as video. If you like to choose and pick specific kinds of data, you need to choose this method.