How to Download Facebook App

Facebook is one of the most famous social networking sites visited by millions of internet users all over the world on a daily basis. This is loaded with features that allow users to connect with friends, communicate and share anything to the world. No wonder countless individuals worldwide are already creating their Facebook accounts and use these when logging in and enjoying all that this site has to offer. Based on statistical record, there are about 600 million active Facebook users in the world today.

The good news is that Facebook can now be accessed and enjoyed in your mobile devices. Applications can now be downloaded, allowing mobile device owners to log in using their personal account anytime, anywhere. If you have the desire to enjoy this popular social networking site right in your iPhone, here are the steps on how to download Facebook app on your iPhone that you need to follow:

From Your Computer

• Open the iTunes program, if you have not downloaded this yet, you can do the downloading online.

• Proceed to iTunes store on the left portion of the menu. You will need internet connection in order to do this.

• Type “Facebook” in the search box found on top right portion of the page. The first result should be Facebook application then click it.

• Download the Facebook app. Sign in using your iTunes account to download the app.

• Transfer the application into your own iPhone. Plug in your phone to the computer and determine if this is recognized in the device menu. Click and then proceed to “Apps” tab found at the top portion of the page.

• Click “Sync” box found at the right bottom of the page. This must save the changes made and upload the application to your mobile phone.

From iPhone Itself

• Turn off the phone and this is facilitated through the lock button found on top of mobile device.

• Unlock the phone by sliding your finger in the bottom of the screen. Follow the arrow’s direction labeled with “slide to unlock”.

• Go to App store app but make sure to have reliable internet connection to do this.

• Click on the tab labeled with “Search”. Type Facebook to the box and do the search. The application must be the very first result and click on this.

• Tap “Free” button found on the top portion of the page. This must go green after and will indicate the need to install. Click this button again.

• Sign to your exclusive iTunes account in confirmation for your download. Though this application is absolutely free, confirmation is still needed. Upon entering the accurate details, the application will start to download in your own home screen.

• Tap on the app in the home screen to be able to open the application. Once it has successfully opened, you can now log in using your Facebook account and you are good to go. You can start reading news feeds, check messages, cha with friends, upload videos and pictures and more.

These are the steps that you need to follow when downloading Facebook app in your iPhone.