How to Download Facebook for iPhone 4

iPhone 4 Features

iPhone 4 is the fourth generation iPhone touchscreen 3G smartphone created by Apple Inc. The phone was essentially marketed for the Apple app called FaceTime which permit users to perform video calling using either the back or front camera over Wi-Fi connection. It is also marketed for consumptions of media such as periodicals and books, music, games, movies, web browsing and access to email.

iPhone 4 runs on Apple’s operating iOS system. This system operates prior iPhones, iPod Touch and the iPad devices. The smart phone’s multi-touch display is touch-sensitive, and controlled by the user’s fingertips. The main difference between iPhone 4 and other iPhones is the design. This phone incorporates a stainless and insulated steel frame that also acts as the phone’s antenna. It is designed to have a 960×640 pixel resolution and 3.5-inch LED liquid crystal display marketed as the "Retina display". iPhone 4 has been branded by Watt Mossberg of the journal The Wall Street Journal as the finest gadget in its category. It is also one of the highest rated CNET devices as it was given an 8.6 out 10 rating.

iPhone 4 also caters the popular app called “Facebook for iPhone”. This is an app similar to other Facebook Mobile browser. This app gives users’ access to Facebook from their mobile devices through e-mails, text messages or a browser. This works the same as Facebook and allows Facebook users to view their pages, post and like wall updates, and upload photos instantly.

2 Ways to Download Facebook on iPhone 4:

Users can download Facebook for iPhone 4 in two ways.

  1. From the computer. Users can go to iTunes and they can download it for free by clicking the Free App button below the Facebook icon. But even though it is free, the app still needs confirmation so correct details are necessary. The app is about 4MB so it will not take long to download. Once it has been downloaded, users should connect the iPhone device to transfer the app. To program the App, users should check the Sync Apps and make sure that Facebook for iPhone has been checked. Once it has been installed, users can already sign in to Facebook.

  1. Through iPhone 4. This will also require internet connection. Users can go to application App Store, type Facebook on the search box and hit search. Click the FREE button to download it for free and when it goes green, hit INSTALL. After that, Facebook for iPhone should be good to go.

There had been receiving mix reviews for the Facebook for iPhone app. The good reviews say that this application has rich features and it’s all for free. The bad reviews say that it takes a long time to load especially when users go to News Feed tab or view photos in albums. Other negative reviews post that comments don’t go through straight away, it is vulnerable to crashes and that sometimes different profile photos show up on other people’s profiles.