How to download Facebook Software for Mobile


The social networking site Facebook is the most popular social media website that has attracted millions of subscribers around the world and has changed the structure of social communication, influenced social life and human activity. The website is easy to navigate and rich in features such as photo and video uploads, instant chatting, voice and video messaging.

The only thing that the user needs to do is to create an account for free and they’re set to go. It is also easy to get contact with other people as there appears a list of friend suggestion, mutual friends, and updates from friends on news feed and public pages and groups. The site also contains games and other applications for entertainment (like poke).

Facebook Software

In recent years, the popularity of this website has generated addiction and demand, giving developers opportunity to create software that give access to Facebook in the most convenient way. This led to the creation of the software Facebook Mobile, an application that can be downloaded and installed in phones or other devices such as iPod and iPad.

This application does not only have Facebook’s most popular features (such as Inbox, News Feeds and Photos) but, it also enables users to find friends from phone contacts, update their profiles and pages, post or like comments and upload photos through text messages, emails and web browsers. It is a handy app for people who don’t have access to a computer. However, the application still requires internet connection to operate. As of recent forecast, there is an estimated 100 million Facebook users who are actively using mobile device to use their accounts.

How to Download Facebook Software

Facebook developers have launched the project “Facebook for Every Phone App” to meet the collective demand of Facebook users requesting for easy access using mobile phones without the problem of compatibility. Facebook for Every Phone app provides a comprehensive and fast Facebook experience to an estimated 2,500 types of mobile phones. Users can download this application by visiting Facebook mobile website and other leading app stores (including Appia, Mobile9, Mobile Weaver, and GetJar).