Information about the Download Facebook for Samsung Galaxy S

Are you one of those people who want to download Facebook for Samsung Galaxy S? As a matter of fact, there are instructions on how to process it. Due to the increased social media of the present generation, the application of Facebook is even more helpful.

The first thing you must do is to type Facebook on the Query box. The Facebook icon is seen that you must tap it on. In getting the application, tapping the line is further recommended. The line that has the name of Facebook will bring up more of the titles of games, magazines, books and apps that consists such Facebook name.

Looking at the search results, there are many options such as Facebook. However, it is best if you stick with the icon of Facebook. The Facebook app is tapped to further get more information. The elements of the page should be checked out such as the title line, screen captures, feedback statistics, rate and review, developer and Google account.

On the other hand, the “INSTALL” button is tapped on that the download process soon starts. The Google Play will tell something about the application plans that are made on the phone. This is quite the same with the license agreements which you need to sign. It is necessary that you must read and understand them in detail, including the implications. With Facebook, this is actually safe as compared to other not-commonly known apps.

Each application will further ask permission about the access of your personal information, such as the location. If the application will be utilizing or sharing the information, you can then find ways in limiting it.

Afterwards, the Accept button must be tapped on. Before the process of downloading, the app will ask two important things. The first question is about the phone being automatically updated once Facebook provides its new version. Actually, this is now the most suitable option. On the other hand, the second question is that if you like to wait for the update to occur with your Wi-Fi connection. The phone is prevented from downloading a big application update in the cellular network. In all cases, it is still a good option to consider a Wi-Fi connection.

Once you have read the questions, you must tap the “OK” button. The process is just like downloading more apps on personal computer with an internet connection. In the screen, the progress is seen while installing and downloading the application. The process takes only a few minutes. After then, the application will finish installing that depends on the entire speed of the internet connection. The icon for Facebook is seen on the “Apps” screen that comes along with the presently added applications.

Now, you can enjoy the application of Facebook in your Samsung Galaxy S. There is now an opportunity to enjoy sending and receiving messages with your friends. You can tell one of your friends the benefits that you can obtain in downloading Facebook on your Samsung Galaxy S!