Learning more on How to Download Facebook app for Samsung

Social networking is now a necessity to a lot of people because they use it to seek new friends and serve them on business-related purposes. In connection with this, Facebook is the most popular social networking that is made available today. At the present, almost all smartphones come along with the pre-installed application of Facebook but not for Samsung. If you are interested to download Facebook app for Samsung, then you must do it all by yourself.

At first, there is a need to provide a good internet connection, either mobile data or Wi-Fi. Apart from it, you must provide an account on Google to have access on the application that you want to download.

Then, there is a need to visit the apps right on the home screen of Samsung. You must scroll it until then you visit the Play Store and then you must tap it on. Here, you are able to search for the Facebook app by a simple tap on magnifier or search icon. At the search box, you need to type Facebook.

Tapping the search button is needed which is situated at the right and bottom corner of the home screen. This is when you are able to start the search. At the result page, you need to choose either the application is for Android or Facebook. Then, the install button is tapped on including the download & accept button. It is a must to wait until then that the download is finally completed. As of this moment, the application is already installed in your Samsung.

On the other hand, if you do not still have an account on Facebook, then signing up by means of filling out the important information is needed. The necessary information often includes email, password, name and a whole lot more. Once you already made a Facebook page, then you can start writing your own status and uploading pictures.

Apparently, the Facebook application for Samsung lets users to carry out their tasks just like on a computer. The Facebook app has its home screen with separate tabs for friend requests, messages and notifications. It also permits to see if there is any message sent from a friend or commented on a post or picture or even liked personal status. The screen already has buttons that are meant for profile, photos, news feed and events. This application is the only gateway for you to go anywhere with Facebook.

Below the screen are the thumbnails of the latest photographs which come from the closest friends. Swiping the slideshow is necessary to stay updated with those pictures from one of your friends. The news feed on this application is further streamlined. Seeing posts from any of your friends is possible and the fan pages. At the bottom of the posts, there are links that allow you to give comment or like. The status bar is at the topmost part of the screen that further permits you to post more links, pictures and updates. The pages even update easily once a friend has posted something. Thus, the news feed is such an excellent way for you to be updated about the things around.