The Answer on How to Download Facebook for iphone 3g

Are you one of the owners of iPhone 3g? Maybe you have already downloaded movies, music, and even games. However, you are still not satisfied that you intend to download Facebook to keep up with the latest fads and to stay connected with distant family members and friends around the world. In fact, Facebook is the number one social networking website that is visited by millions, even billions of people. This is the gateway to keeping up and staying connected with friends. It has all the features to offer that makes it more appealing and interesting. At this moment, this is being used as it still gained popularity among all nations.

In connection with this, it is no longer an issue on how to download Facebook for iphone 3g. Downloading it even on an old iphone 3g is made easy. One of the first things to consider is to jailbreak the phone. Afterwards, you must open a reliable website on the jailbroken 3G and press the “manage” icon>Sources. You also need to press the buttons that say “Edit” and “Add”. Then, you must type in the reliable website and press the “Add Source” button. The iphone must fall under the sources. Then, you must press on the website where you need to choose the version that is ideal on your phone. Once you have chosen it, there must be a tick beside it.

Furthermore, the zip file can be downloaded that the applications can be placed directly on the iPhone. This tool is essential to acquire the even the oldest or newest version of the application of Facebook on the phone. You need to extract the file on the desktop and even run it. You must also connect it on your PC and give it time to install it on the iPhone driver.

Once it is already installed, the Facebook app can be downloaded right away. The Facebook App can be extracted on the desktop and getting back on the website where the application is extracted is essential.

The Facebook application can be downloaded right away on you iPhone3g. You must click on the application that allows you to further log in, using your Facebook password and user name. Now, you are ready to use Facebook anytime and anywhere. The guide will help you more in downloading Facebook. On the other hand, it is often necessary that you download file for Facebook application from a reputable website. If the site may seem to be a bit dubious, then you need to avoid it.

The FAQ of the website must be clearly understood. You can also be a member of a site to be able to download Facebook. It should be paid based on the membership information that lasts for a month and even years. There are also lifetime memberships that enable you to get unlimited access on Facebook. Other media files can also be downloaded such as music, television show, software, movie, music video and even games.

Now, you are able to download Facebook for your iPhone 3g that is hassle-free!