Two Step to Download Facebook for iPhone

Facebook is a very popular networking site, which is why it is not surprising anymore why it has a lot of users. The users know how beneficial Facebook that is why when Smartphones like iPhone were released in the market and Facebook apps were developed and launched, people instantly grabbed the chance to acquire both. Today, almost majority of Facebook users are already accessing their account through their phone because of the installed Facebook app on their device.

If you are wondering about how you can Download Facebook for iPhone, do not worry since there are two means in which you can install that app to your device easily. The instructions are also very easy to follow that you would be surprise you already installed the app without doing much. If you want to know these two means of downloading the app to your device, then here they are.

Steps in Downloading Facebook App Using Your Computer

First, you have to open the iTunes program. If you do not have the program yet, then it will be better if you download it first. When you have the program, launch the iTunes by clicking the Menu on the left part. Ensure that your internet connection is strong. Type in Facebook on the search bar and click enter to start the search process. When the search result is shown, you will see that the Facebook application is the first one on the result, click on it. The app is free, so you do not have to worry about any payment. Just make sure that you will click on the Free App located under the Facebook icon. Then, sign in on your iTunes account so that the downloading process will already start. The app size is 4MB.

Once the downloading is complete, transfer the app to your device. Plug it in on your computer, then click on the device, and go the tabs called Apps. Then, check the Sync Apps and the Facebook app. Lastly, click the Sync Box located on the right part of the bottom page, and that is it, you can already start using the app.

Steps in Downloading the Facebook App On the Device Itself

The first thing you have to do is to launch the App Store application and search Facebook. The result page will be showing the app as first on the list result. Click on the Facebook app then tap Free located at the top right page. Then, the tap button will turn green, and the word Install will be shown. Click that button again. Then, sign in on your iTunes account as confirmation that you want to download the app. Once it is downloaded, tap the Facebook app, and you can already use it.

Once it is installed on your device, you can access your account wherever you are. You will also be connected with your families and friends whenever you want! If you want to access your Facebook account all the time, why not start doing the instruction now!