Two Ways to Download Facebook Account

Surely, almost anyone already has their Facebook account. Facebook is a known social networking site that almost everyone is already using for many purposes. There are those who create an account in the social networking sites to connect and ensure one’s communication with their loved ones. There are also those who create an account for business purposes like promoting the business or the products and services being offered. Whatever the case is, there will come a time when you will decide to have your Facebook account downloaded. In this case, there are also various reasons why you would want to download that information.

Maybe, you just want to keep a copy of all the things you have posted and shared through the social networking site. You might also have decided to download that information because you do not trust the social networking enough, which is why you decided to have a new account in another social networking site. There is also the case when you just want to keep a copy of everything you posted and shared to serve as a backup. But, then again, after you decided to download the information, you realized that you do not have any idea of how you can do that.

Whatever your reason is for downloading the information, you have two means that you can choose from. Or, if you prefer, you can also have consider using both ways.

For those who have decided to download their entire account in Facebook, there are two ways in which you can do that. That ways are through the official means and unofficial means. Deciding which among these two you prefer to use is already your decision to make. These ways are:

Official Way to Download Facebook Account. This means is the one supported by Facebook. The downloading process can be started through using the tool called as the Download Your Information. Facebook is the one that will do all the work in the downloading process, and as a return, you have to be patient since it usually requires time before everything can be compiled. Doing a few clicks is also needed and waiting until you receive an email saying that your archive is already ready. When that happens, then you can already download it. You can consider this option if you want everything that Facebook is capable of providing.

• Unofficial Means of Downloading Your Entire Facebook Account. The downloading of information can be done by using Activity Log. But, it can only be used if you already using the new Timeline Profile. Compared with the official way, the hard work will be done by your browser and of course, you. By using Activity Log, you are able to download everything, like those under the category Posts by Others, Your Posts, Video, Questions, Likes, Subscriptions, Comments, News, Music and all other categories in Facebook. Choosing to use this is beneficial especially if you are only downloading specific data.

With the help of these Facebook accounts downloading means, you can already start backing up the Facebook data you need. If you need this means, do not hesitate to do so.