Facebook Credits


Facts about Facebook Credits


Virtual currencies are widely available, and if you are a Facebook user, you should know what credits are all about. To make the most out of your online experience, you should have lots of Facebook credits to buy things or items, upgrades, and weapons. You can also use it to pay for non-game app services.


Facebook Credits can be purchased using fifteen different currencies. All apps and games of the social network support Credits. It is the supported currency, or main currency depending on the apps or games. Aside from getting free credits, which is a bit hard, you can also purchase it using almost any currency or through credit cards. The most common payment methods include MoneyBookers and PayPal.


In comparison to other virtual currencies, Facebook Credits are quite costly, and this is also the reason why many people can’t find free credits easily. If you want to try getting free credits advertised online, you must be extra cautious because you might end up dealing with scams or sites that are simply there to waste your precious time.


The Facebook Credits are highly usable, and for as long as the apps or games support such currency, you can use the credits feature. Only Facebook can release free or new credits, and this is something that you shouldn’t forget.


If you are an avid Facebook user, you may have played some of the games within the network. There are games that give away currency or gold. You can convert the latter to more Credits. To find out if a game is running promotions, you can visit its homepage. You can also check out the blogs of these popular games to gather relevant information regarding Facebook credits.


The social network is committed to offering apps that provide support for Credits, so if you are serious in using Facebook, you need to start gathering credits.


It is unfortunate the Credits are not for free. For instance, if you pay $1, you can get 10 Credits. It is safe to say that Facebook is a marketplace, and you are using real money in the form of credits.


Developers of social games for Facebook are required to provide a platform where users or customers can use Credits. According to statistics, 70% of revenues go to developers. These revenues come from the transactions of virtual goods on Facebook.


Game or app developers are not required to use Credits as the exclusive in-game currency. However, those who do use the virtual currency are given special incentives.


If you are interested in getting free credits, go to Account Settings and Payments tab. You must locate the ‘buy more’ link, which is along the line of Credits Balance. Find the More Payment Options link after the purchase choices. Pick the option ‘earn credits’ and continue. At this point, you will see a wide range of signups and other special offers. These legit options allow you to earn 4 credits to as high as 600 credits!


There are lots of virtual goods that you can purchase in Facebook including those in Bejeweled Blitz, Farmville, Mafia Wars, Real Aquarium, Hello City, Words of Wonder, and many others.


Buying credits is possible through the different Facebook games. You can use credit cards to buy Facebook credits like Discover, American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and JCB. It also accepts payment through Western Union, PayPal, or other local payment methods.


Here are other options to get Credits:


        Determine the terms or conditions for earning credits. You can sign up for advertiser services or free trials, watch videos, or complete surveys through TrialPay


                    Android and Apple users can get credits by simply downloading apps.


                    Use your Bing Rewards to get free credits.


                    Gift cards from Rixty can be converted into credits to be used in Facebook games.


                    Sign up for newsletters or purchase items at ifeelgoods and you’ll get free credits.


                    Check in at Shopkick using your Android or Apple and earn credits.


You can try these options and see if you can earn credits and have fun while using the network.


When was the last time you went to parks or arcades? To play games, you need tokens. The same way works for Facebook games or apps, but instead of buying tokens, you need credits.


If you want to make payments in Facebook, Credits is one of the safest ways to do it; just think of Facebook Credits as a virtual wallet. It doesn’t matter if you are currently using a mobile phone, tablet, or computer because you can use credits with ease.


Checking the balance is very easy, and it was mentioned earlier. The Credits Balance is usually found at the page’s top portion.


The popularity of Facebook games has increased in the recent years. Almost all age groups are playing games. Though the games in the social network are free, you can’t advance to higher levels if you don’t pay for additional privileges. However, if you choose NOT to pay for the credits, that is a personal choice. With a little bit of financial investment, you can go a long way and enjoy the games to the fullest.


It takes a long time to play games without using credits. If you are willing to wait, then it is your choice. However, there is always a quick way to advance, and that is through the Facebook credits. Since not everyone is capable or willing to invest on Credits, you make use of the free options.


Facebook is a user-friendly social network, and almost everything is easy to find. Even if you are inexperienced, you will know how to market potential products or services. Facebook is a great network because it teaches people the value of wise spending. Even kids can ask their parents for some credits.


What are you waiting for? Explore the various ways to earn credits for free, and if you are not very patient, you can always use Facebook for free. Don’t worry about playing games and not paying for extra lives, moves, or higher goals. Enjoy the moment and meet new friends!