Facebook Graph Search


What is Graph Search Feature on Facebook?


Due to the popularity of Facebook, its developer Mark Zuckerberg is continuously exploring more features that will give ease to users. Recently, a new feature was introduced that is called Graph Search. This feature is a great help in searching the content or information posted by your friends even without browsing the newsfeed. Likewise, this feature allows Facebook users to stay connected with friends having a common interest.


This is an open search feature, yet users should be mindful in whatever they post on the Facebook pages and should know the limitations of the privacy settings. On the other hand, internet users should that this is not a web search but only a social search designed to be used on Facebook alone. Unlike Google, this feature is not indexing the web but it index the map of the graph. The graph is a huge database of content and information shared by users on the site. Likewise, in searching for particular content, this feature also search for people having specific characteristics and interests.


How It Works?


Ideally, The Graph Search feature is a simple concept. It is because it uses information within the social network. If you are searching for anything, the graph search provides relevant results. All you have to do is use search parameters so that you can obtain results related to the information you are looking for. The good thing about this search is that the results given are highly personalized based from the likes and dislikes inside the social network.


The Graph Search ensures having enough data available so that Facebook users will not move outside in collecting relevant information. Likewise, this tool also offers services in searching status updates and images that you liked on Facebook. This means that you can search your friends who have liked your photos. In the same manner, you can also receive thumbs up from friends.


How Graph Search Affects Your SEO?


The Graph Search can also help in search engine optimization that is why Facebook is creating social search system that can provide extraordinary service. The likes, shares and friend’s posts play a significant role in order to obtain personalized search results. On the other hand, it is important to create your page in such a way that it can attract many shares and likes as possible. The more likes and shares that your content have pulled in, you can expect that it will appear on search engines.


In the same manner, by sharing content on your Facebook page you can get more SEO exposure and at the same time you can build your social network. SEO specialists have been using various social networks in doing SEO marketing efforts. This Facebook feature is teaming up with Bing to form a new organic search. Indeed, Graph Search offers a lot of potentials in order to provide search engine valuable service.


Additionally, the Graph Search is also useful in online marketing. This new feature encourages companies to improve social marketing efforts in order to obtain more shares and like. This can be helpful in exposure and branding perspective. Facebook is continuously improving this tool, and it will eventually evolve. Thus, it will make larger effect in implementing online marketing and on search engine optimization.


Facebook Graph Search Privacy Concerns


Investors see the opportunity that Facebook will deliver valuable ads through Graph Search. Likewise, this tool ensures delivering credible and accurate ads that can be effective recommendations. In fact, Facebook has been very attractive to advertisers because of its tremendous reach. Through the Graph Search marketers can directly address their ads to the right audience at the right time. That is why in order to obtain higher value of ads, it is important to ensure that the information or content is precise.


On the other hand, the privacy is one of the concerns of investors in gaining profitability. Nevertheless, Facebook is doing their best to ensure that the privacy of users will not be at risk. Marketers should be very careful in using this platform in building business. This makes sense of knowing the pros and cons about the Graph Search.


The Good Points


New Fan research – Through Graph Search you can have the opportunity to collect new information including your favorite music, movies, books, athletes and more. Likewise, you can also use filters in categorizing your fans according to their interests.

New competitor research – This Facebook feature can also be used in exploring about your competition through their Facebook pages. In this way,  you will know the activities of your competitors in the industry, know the products they offer and how they interact with fans.


More emphasis on location – The Graph Search feature benefits businesses that depend on location such as hotels, restaurants, retailers and movie theaters.  It will help users in finding your business as long as they use the right keyword.


Opportunity for advertising – Just like advertising in Bing and Google, Graph Search also allows businesses to obtain paid sponsored results.


The Bad Points


Search rankings – The algorithms used in Graph Search is based on Page activity and uses different metrics such as the number of check-ins, fan activity, size of the fan base and user location. Likewise, this feature also obtains results from user relevancy and relevancy to user’s friends.


Accuracy of information – If you want to obtain the correct results from Graph Search makes sure to provide accurate information.


Update the About Page – It is important to ensure that the About Page is updated and accurate as it is a good source of information. This means that all pertinent details should be correct.


Great profile picture – This Facebook feature requires having great profile picture that is easy to recognize and unique. Otherwise, it will not get interest from internet users.


Build up the fan base – In order to have higher results, you should do the hard work in increasing your fan base.


Indeed, Facebook Graph Search is not just a mere feature, but it is also a useful tool not only for personal use but also in online marketing.