Facebook News Feeds


Facebook – Linking Directly to Preferred Stories or News Feeds


As a Facebook user, you can link directly to certain News Feeds. Instead of linking friends to a profile, you can just focus on a certain post. This isn’t hard to do, and if you want to learn more about this feature, you’ve come to the right place.


What is a Facebook News Feeds? 


New Feeds appear on your FB account, and these are stories and updates posted by your friends or pages that you’ve followed. Some of these updates include friend requests, posted status, event updates, videos, links, photos, app activity, and many others. Since the preference of every individual varies greatly, Facebook is offering a feature wherein you can directly link the preferred News Feeds.


You can find the Facebook news feeds at the homepage’s center column, and it is constantly updating.


How to Adjust the Facebook News Feeds?


As an active Facebook user, you might want to share contents to friends and the community. Sharing of content can be done in different ways. Read the instructions below and you will not find it hard to start sharing interesting contents.


You can find the share menu at the top of the homepage, as well as in the timeline. On the said menu, you can update status, share videos, photos, links, or app content and all these things will appear as posts on the timeline and News Feed.


There are times when you want your stories or updates to be viewed by specific people only, and this is possible by changing your privacy settings. To make things easier, you can create small groups, and this is another cool feature of Facebook. For instance, you can create groups like close friends, family members, book club, office, etc.


You can also share content with a friend, and you can do this posting on your friend’s timeline. However, your post will be visible to your friend’s circle of friends. If you don’t want others to see what you’ve shared, the best option would be to send your friend a private message.


While you are scrolling through the homepage, you may find interesting stories or content that you might want to share with others. You have four options. You will notice that under the content shared by friends or pages is a share link. This is the link that you will use to share the News Feed. You also get to choose how and whom to share the link. At the dropdown menu, you will see these four options:


1.       Share the News feed in private with a friend or group. All you have to do is enter the names of your friends, and you can also write an optional message.


2.       As a member of a group, you can also share the content to a group (e.g. close friends), and you can write an optional message, as well.


3.       Share on the timeline of a friend; you will only need to copy the link and paste it on the timeline of your best buddy.


4.       You can also share content on your timeline and choose the audience. An optional update can also be written if you want.


Sharing something within the social network is very important, and it helps your friends or acquaintances determine what you’re doing or what’s going on in your life.


Take a look at the image on the top. You can choose someone or groups of people to see the Facebook news feeds. Experts recommend that you set it to friends and not ‘public’. Still, this might vary according to your needs.


This tool takes note of the audience that you’ve chosen the last time you’ve shared something. Once you share a content or story, the previous setting will be used as the basis. You may have noticed that the tool to select an audience appears in different places like privacy settings, shortcuts, etc. If you change the audience in one place, it is already applicable everywhere.


All posts have an audience selector on the side, so even if you’ve set it to public, you can easily choose another audience. However, when you share something on a friend’s timeline, your friend can control who gets to view your post.


If you’re wondering how you can control the Facebook news feeds that your friends see, you only have to know these two factors – one is your preferred privacy setting and the other one is the News Feed preference of your friends.


Adjusting the Settings


At the top right of the Facebook news feeds, you can find a ‘Sort’ menu. You can use this to pick the stories or posts that you want to see first. You have two options – Top Stories and Most Recent.


Instead of looking at the updates or stories of all your friends in Facebook, you can filter it by lists. If you have groups, all you have to do is click on the list at the left side of the homepage. The stories posted by group members will appear on the homepage.


The Facebook news feeds has its own algorithm, and it is able to determine the most interesting content. Certain factors affect this like the post type (whether it is a status update, video, or photo), the person who made the post, and the comments. There are times when you feel like something is missing or there are too many stories that you’re not interested to see. If this happens, you can control the Facebook news feeds by adjusting the settings.


Find the hyperlink of a post in your News Feed and copy it, so you can share it with friends. By doing so, only the content is shared, and it will not be linked to a profile. Find the time the story or content was posted (e.g. 9 hours ago), right click, and copy the link. So you see, it is really very easy.


Now you know how you can control the Facebook news feeds, you can get the most out of your Facebook experience. Hurry and try the things you’ve learned today and have fun!