Facebook Timeline

Facebook Timeline – How It Affects Individuals And Businesses?


Most internet users are spending their time using Facebook, but they are not aware about the features of this social networking site. Since this site was introduced, its developer Mark Zuckerberg continued to explore and develop features that will make Facebook user friendly. With the numerous features offered, Facebook timeline perhaps is one of the most interesting. It is because this feature allows the user to create his or her online scrapbook. Likewise, it also helps in managing your information and photos better.


Facebook timeline enhances the navigation and profile view into a new level. The good thing about this feature is that it does not change the current privacy settings. Likewise, it does not also modify the existing data. This feature is truly easy and flexible to use as long as you know and understand how it works.


Top Features of Facebook Timeline


Navigation of the Profile Page


Facebook timeline offers great navigation capabilities. The posts are presented in chronological order in which the latest and interesting posts are on the beginning. The account user can upload photos to be the cover picture. It is very easy to navigate because, at the bottom of the cover picture, you can see the activity log link, view setting links and update info link in big buttons. Likewise, additional features are presented neatly and in easily viewable manner. In the same manner, status and activities can be updated in a timely fashion.


Add Past Stories


Adding past stories in the Facebook Timeline is a lot easier. All you have to do is to look for the year you want to add the story. Scrolling from top to bottom of the page will help you find older photos and posts that you can talk about with your friends. The process is extremely impressive and simple. Aside from adding photos, you can also add interesting captions making the photos more attention-grabbing. Another advantage of the timeline is that you can remove photos that you do not want to appear on the profile page.


Cover and Image Dashboard


The most attractive feature of the Facebook timeline is the cover picture space. Users can flaunt the images in a visibly prominent space. This is not only useful for personal use but also for businesses in their marketing purposes.


Security and Privacy


Users have nothing to worry in using the timeline because Facebook ensures that the security and privacy settings are not changed. Likewise, stored data and information is also maintained. That is why there is nothing to worry in sharing specific posts because only the people whom you shared will see your posts. However, you have all the privilege to change the privacy settings.


On the other hand, Facebook timeline is also advantageous for small business owners and internet marketers. Facebook is also giving huge opportunities to business firms in driving traffic to their site. Likewise, using the timeline cover photo is one way of impressing customers. However, you should ensure changing the cover photo at least three times per week.


Once your followers and friends see the new picture they will be interested about it and will surely click on it. You can upload any picture that would represent the company or the business you have. Just make sure that it is interesting and updated. Likewise, you should also ensure showing up on their news feed so that they will visit your profile constantly. If there are important posts that you want to show to your friends, then you should pin it so that it will appear on the top of the Facebook timeline. This is the easiest and cheapest way of advertising your special promotion.


However, the first thing that business owners should do is to create Fan Page that will generate “likes”. In this way, you can put out posts, photos and videos related to your products and services. On the other hand, marketers should fully understand the correct usage of this platform in order to maximize the benefits. Likewise, businesses should ensure producing useful content.


Since Facebook timeline is mainly composed of photos and videos, it is essential to make the most of the cover photo space. Make sure to be creative because this Facebook feature has unlocked new rewards and possibilities for business branding. The good thing about timeline, when used for business, is that it can help in giving information about your company’s milestones to your fans. This means that you can list all the events of your business along with stories and photos about each event. Thus, you can engage more time with users.


Many business owners are using Facebook for advertising and you can take advantage of it through the Reach Generator ads and the Premium ads. If you will use the Reach Generator ads, your page can have the opportunity of reaching up to 50% fans every week through their News Feeds. These ads are a great help in getting connected with your current audience. On the other hand, using Premium ads can help in making new connections.


Apparently, most businesses nowadays are using Facebook because of the numerous features it offers. However, when using timeline for business it is essential to ensure that the cover photo represents your brand and make sure to include contact information, prices and calls to action. In addition, the design of the timeline is more flexible to manage as you can “pin” a post. That is why important post would not get buried even if you made subsequent posts. Likewise, you can also send personal messages to your fans by enabling the private messages option.


Indeed, making use of the features of Facebook timeline is a great advantage not only for personal profile but also for businesses. That is why it is important to ensure posting pictures, graphs, charts and anything that will be attractive to the viewer. You should be clever about your post so that you can expect to generate the best response. Once you post an image of your new product you can ask comments from your fans. This can be the easiest way to obtain elicit feedback. The continuous changes of Facebook will surely impress investors and advertisers as well as it helps them in remaining competitive.