Personalized Facebook URL

Steps to Personalized Facebook URL


There are times when the username URL that you’ve chosen is not that appropriate. Securing a personalized Facebook URL is important for some individuals, and if you are one of them, you’ve come to the right place.


In order to set a personalized username URL for a page, there is a need to have at least 25 fans. Otherwise, you can’t take advantage of this feature. Almost everyone knows about the custom URLS, vanity URLs, and usernames. All these things pertain to your page’s web address.


If you are observant, you should have noticed the long and messy URL that is composed of numbers and letters. For users who prefer a clean URL, there are basics that you need to cover.


What is a username? When you view your Page or timeline, you will see the Facebook URL on the browser’s location bar. It will contain your username. Since it has been a very hot topic before, a lot of people were clamoring to have personalized Facebook URL. Well, some people regretted their decisions because you can only change the username once. If you are not smart in picking a username, you will surely regret it.


The username that you pick is a short URL that helps you enhance your online presence. You can use for marketing purposes, for business cards, and company site. Here’s an example - you picked a username of PoohBear, so the short URL is ‘’.


Aside from the requirement of having 25 fans, you also need to have access to the page’s admin to secure the personalized Facebook URL. As a general rule, the usernames can contain the following characters:


·         A to Z

·         0 to 9

·         Period (.)


For an online business, it is best to pick the company brand or name that is memorable and reflective of your business’ nature. You can change the URL once, so you have to make sure that you’ve made the final choice.


The Steps


Here are the steps that you must follow if you want a personalized Facebook URL:


1.       Use the account that administers your page and log in.

2.       You have to go to

3.       In your ‘personal’ profile is a username inside a yellow box, but this is not the one you’re looking for and it’s not related to the page username.

4.       Find the link ‘Set a username for your Pages’ and click it.

5.       Just in case you have several pages, check the dropdown menu and all the pages will be displayed. Pick one that you like.

6.       If you were able to meet the requirement (over 25 fans), you can click on the ‘enter desired username’. You will be notified if you are not eligible for the personalized URL.

7.       You have to confirm if the username you’ve chosen is available or not.



Read the contents of the box above, and you will know what to do.


Once you’ve changed the URL, you can now click the button ‘confirm’.


This feature will only apply to those who have NOT changed their username before. If you’ve already done it, then you can’t undo it anymore. Facebook will only allow you to change your username once. The site utilizes the username to personalized Facebook URL that appear on the browser’s location bar.


Facebook Profile URL


The quickest way to change the username was already stated above. There is another option. You have to log into your account, and then click Account Settings. Find the settings tab and scroll down until you find Username. Click the word ‘change’ and on-screen directions will appear. Make sure that you follow it carefully. In the same way, you are also going to check for the username’s availability.


The same instructions apply when you change the username for Pages. If you want to change the username for the certain page, all you have to do is follow the steps above.


Facebook suggests possible usernames, but you can create a unique username if you want as long as you check for its availability. There is also a need to confirm your chosen username; otherwise, your old username will still be used.


These are the guidelines that you must observe and follow when picking a username:


·         You can’t use an existing username that is being used by another person

·         Pick a username that you can use for as long as you’re using Facebook; as stated earlier, you can change it only once and never again will you be able to alter the name

·         Capitalization and periods don’t count

·         Avoid generic terms

·         Pick a username that is five characters or longer

·         Read the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities of Facebook before making the final decision; you have to adhere to everything


Some people complain because their preferred username is no longer available. Certain words can’t be used in Facebook usernames, and it is included in the policy of the social network. You can’t do anything if the name is not available. Just think of variations in terms of periods or by scrambling the letters. If your chosen username is unable to meet the terms provided by Facebook, it may be removed without notice.


It isn’t hard to change the username and personalize it. However, a lot of people and businesses often make the wrong decisions and end up with unpleasant usernames. The steps above are quite simple, and even if this is your first time to personalized Facebook URL, you can get it at one time.


At this time, the usernames are not available in different languages. However, the social network is now looking into supporting non-Romanized characters. You must be aware that the username is public and anyone can see it even if they are not your friends. When someone navigates or searches your timeline, the username is seen.


Now that you know how to change and personalized Facebook URL, why don’t you give it a long thought? If you are satisfied with the existing username, don’t change it. However, if you think that you’re going to benefit from the change, go ahead. Just be sure to double check before you hit the save button.